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Durga Devi
Durga Devi
As low as A$79.00
Durga Devi
This striking photo captures the fierce beauty of Durga Devi, the Hindu goddess of power and strength, expertly printed on high-quality acrylic to create an awe-inspiring work of art. The vivid interplay of reds, golds, and deep blues reflects the boundless energy and indomitable spirit of the deity, as she stands tall, ready to protect her devotees and vanquish darkness. The translucent nature of the acrylic medium adds depth and luminosity to the image, allowing light to interact with the artwork and create a mesmerizing, radiant effect. This interplay of light and color highlights the intricate details of Durga Devi's attire, ornaments, and the many weapons she wields, symbolizing her power and mastery over various aspects of life.

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    Product Details

    Acrylic Wall Art Print

    Acrylic Wall Art- Frameless


    Introducing our Frameless Acrylic Wall Art Print with a hidden frame, an exquisite and modern way to showcase your artwork. The hidden Aluminium frame is ingeniously designed to remain discreetly hidden from view, creating the illusion that your artwork is effortlessly suspended in mid-air.

    This unique "floating" effect adds a captivating and contemporary touch to your displayed piece, making it an instant focal point in any room. The hidden frame comes equipped with a hanging slot, making the installation process quick and straightforward.

    Additionally, we provide all the necessary hanging materials, ensuring a secure and professional display on your wall without any hassle.

    Sleek and Modern Design: Our frameless aluminum panel boasts a clean and contemporary design, perfect for enhancing the aesthetics of any space.

    Concealed Hanging System: The panel comes equipped with a concealed hanging system at the back, making the installation process a breeze.

    Enhanced Focus on Your Art: With the distractions of traditional frames eliminated, the focus is entirely on your artwork or photograph. This clean and minimalist approach lets the beauty of your piece shine through, creating an impactful visual statement.

    Hassle-Free Installation: Our frameless Acrylic Wall Art panel is designed with your convenience in mind. The hidden hanging system means you won't need to worry about complicated hardware or visible nails. Simply follow the straightforward instructions, and your artwork will be beautifully displayed in no time.

    Acrylic Wall Art Print -Hanging

    Hanging acrylic wall art is simple, and the result is a captivating display that adds an elegant touch to any space.

    1. Begin by carefully unpacking the acrylic panel and checking the included hanging materials.  Choose the ideal location on your wall to display the acrylic art piece.

    2. Locate the hanging points on the hidden aluminium frame. Ensure the marks are straight with the help of a level.

    3. Insert wall plugs into the marked positions on the wall. Then securely fix the hooks provided. Gently hang the acrylic panel onto the hooks. Remove the protective film from the panel.

    4. Step back and check the positioning of the acrylic wall art. Make any necessary adjustments to achieve the perfect placement and ensure it appears level and straight.