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    Pixitile is a unique photo tile brand that offers HD Aluminium Metal panels as the print medium. The image is printed using the sublimation method, providing exceptional image quality and durability.
    Pixitile utilizes a special adhesive backing that allows you to stick and re-stick the tiles without damaging your walls or surfaces. This adhesive is designed to be strong yet removable.
    Currently, Pixitile offers photo tiles in a standard size of 20x20 cm (approximately 7.87x7.87 inches). This size is perfect for creating beautiful arrangements and displays on your walls.
    Pixitile provides two frame options for their HD Aluminium photo tiles: black and white. Both frames are made of light plastic, adding a stylish and contemporary touch to your photo tile displays.
    Yes, Pixitile is designed to adhere to a wide range of surfaces, including painted walls, glass, metal, wood, and more. It is essential to apply the tiles to clean, smooth, and dry surfaces for the best results.
    No, Pixitile's adhesive is designed to be residue- free and will not damage your walls or surfaces when removed properly. Just peel the tile off gently, and any adhesive residue can be easily wiped clean.
    Yes, the sublimation printing method on HD Aluminium Metal panels ensures exceptional image quality with vibrant colours, sharp details, and a glossy finish, surpassing traditional photo prints on paper.
    Yes, Pixitile's HD Aluminium Metal panels are easy to clean.Simply use a soft, damp cloth to gently wipe away any dirt or smudges without damaging the print.
    While Pixitile's HD Aluminium Metal panels are durable and weather- resistant, they are best suited for indoor use or covered outdoor areas to protect them from direct exposure to harsh elements.
    Absolutely! Pixitile's repositionable nature allows you to create ever- changing wall displays, collages, or photo grids that reflect your creativity and personal style.